18618 South 186th Way, Queen Creek, AZ 85142
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New Shooters

Your Friendly Neighborhood Shooting Range

4 Universal Firearm Safety Rules

1. All Guns should be treated as LOADED!
2. Never point a muzzle at anything you DON’T want to DESTROY.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you’ve made the decision to shoot.
4. Be aware of your target, what’s near it and beyond it.

Range Slang

• Cease Fire – Everyone Unload Your Hand Gun, Point It Down Range And Step Back Away From The Bench. ANYONE Can Call A Cease Fire At Any Time. Follow Directions
• LEO – Law Enforcement Officer
• SBR – Short Barreled Rifle
• NFA – National Firearms Act (Anything That Requires A Special Tax Stamp)
• Double Tap – Two Shots Fired In Rapid Succession
• Rapid Fire – Multiple Shots Fired In Rapid Succession
• Full Auto – A Firearm You Hold The Trigger Down And The Fun Is Over In 10 Seconds
• RSO – Range Safety Officer Who Helps You On The Range
• Magazine – What You Load Your Ammunition Into
• Semi-Auto – Firearm You Don’t Have To Cock
• Revolver – A Pistol With Revolving Chambers Enabling Several Shots To Be Fired Without Reloading.
• Single Action – The Trigger Only Drops The Hammer To Fire
• Double-Action – The Trigger Pulls The Hammer Back And Releases The Hammer
• Striker Fire – It Does Not Have A Physical Hammer
• NRA – National Rifle Association
• AR – Armalite Rifle (not assault rifle)
• Clip – A Device To Assist With Loading A Magazine or Cylinder