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Meet the TSR Instructors


Kyle has been with Ted’s since 2014  as an instructor. He works closely with new shooters of all age groups including the Boys and Girls Club, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts of America. Whatever your skill level, Kyle can provide a safe and friendly learning experience that can take you from firing your first shots to more progressive skill levels that will meet your individual goals. He is an avid outdoorsman and firearms enthusiast with years of experience. He is a certified NRA Instructor for Pistol, Rifle, and Personal Protection in the Home.

Kyle teaches CCW, Kids Camp and Real Estate Safety


John spent 8 years United States Marine Corps and is a Combat Veteran. He is now the Assistant Manager at Ted’s Shooting Range and is a an NRA certified Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle Instructor, as well as an Inside and Outside the Home Defense instructor. He is also a Chief Range Safety Officer and has been an AR-15 Armorer for a number of years.


Born and raised in AZ, Firearms where always a part of David’s Life even as a kid. Weekend trips up north where just excuses to go shooting with dad. Now Firearms are just a part  of his everyday.  Training when ever possible with various companies to continually push his skill set David brings his love for firearms and mindset to each of his students.


Growing up, Seth’s entire life revolves around firearms. Whether it was hunting, competition, or for plain old fun; there was always a firearm in the picture. Now, as an NRA certified instructor, he enjoys teaching people to shoot firearms like handguns and long guns.


Scott brings over a quarter century of experience as a Federal Agent with the Department of Justice and over 15 years experience with a federal SWAT team. Scott is a Tactics, DHS Certified Firearms, and NRA Instructor. He has extensive experience in teaching both handgun and long gun use, but he most enjoys instructing people on concealed carry and shooting from concealment.

Scott teaches pretty much everything besides Kids Camp 


Aimee have been working at Ted’s Shooting Range since 2018. She’s a certified pistol instructor and range safety officer. She developed the passion of shooting while working at Ted’s and her goal is seeing her students become more confident and progress in their shooting.

Aimee teaches Intro to Handgun.


JT is a New York City native, US Army combat veteran, and former defense contractor with deployments/assignments to Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and South America. He possesses degrees in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis (SSDA), and Exercise Science (EXS).


Dez has been with Ted’s Shooting Range since 2018. It was a combination of shooting rifles as a child and working at Ted’s Shooting Range she developed a love for handguns. So much so, that she proudly owns a few handguns and joined the awesome team of TSR instructors. Her favorite thing about teaching is simply enriching the student with the knowledge of handling a firearm safely and by doing so, it takes the fear of being around a firearm and turns it into a positively fun and exhilarating sport!

Dez teaches Intro to Pistol


Defected refugee from California, Jake is a lifelong firearm enthusiast and NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor. Growing up in the mountains, he was raised with a deep appreciation, respect and passion for the 2nd amendment. Jake joined the Ted’s team during The Great Toilet Paper Caper and is honored to serve his community by educating others and taking the FEAR out of FirEARms.